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Warranty on Cryptocurrencies Mining


Dear Valued Customer,


As manufacturers have seen an increase in demand and growth in the channel these past few weeks, with customers pursuing emerging markets in IPFS, blockchain, and Chia, we have been informed that the warranty will be void if the returned product has exceeded the manufacturer’s endurance ratings.


Please be advised when returning RMAs: the applicable product limited warranty covers either the time specified from date of purchase or the endurance rating of the product, whichever comes first.


For SSDs, that rating is often measured in drive writes per day for enterprise products and total terabytes written for client products; which is provided in the applicable product specifications.


For HDDs, it is measured by the annualized workload rating.


For GPUs, it is determined by manufacture warranty labs if the product has been used in Cryptocurrencies mining.


PLPC will follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and will be unable to honor warranty claims for products that exceed manufacturer’s endurance ratings or are out-of-warranty.

*PLPC reserved the right to change or modify the terms and conditions without notice

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