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PLPC is committed to supporting charities throughout the US and throughout the world, based on our core belief that we all have a responsibility to help others in need when we are able. 

Since 2007, PLPC has sponsored World Vision and has supported more than 65 children worldwide every month by providing clean water, healthcare and helping to alleviate hunger.


 PLPC donated $100,000 which helped provide training and funding to empower local doctors in 85+ countries provide free cleft repair surgery for over 500 recipients through World Vision

Hope for Sexually Exploited Girls - Donated $100,000 to help prevent abuse and restore physical and spiritual health by providing shelter, medical care, food and education. 


  PLPC has supported the AubriBrown Club that aids families who have lost a child in practical, emotional, and financial ways.


 PLPC made monetary donations to support victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


PLPC’s $10,000 donation went towards the IFAW global disaster response team that is currently deployed in Australia to help with animal welfare during the bushfires


PLPC’s $20,000 donation aided in efforts to combat the coronavirus. Project Hope has been leading the efforts in delivering protective equipment to Wuhan to support families, doctors, and nurses who are at the front-line of the coronavirus outbreak.


Gifted over 100 shoebox gifts, filled with toys, clothing, shoes and basic supplies to children in need.


Tzu Chi Foundation – From 1998 to 2008, PLPC donated $150,000 to support families in Mexico and the USA who were unable to afford healthcare.

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